Episode 038: National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week & Ricardo Martinez of #IAM911 and 9-1-1 SAVES Acts

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Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez

"Imagine listening...your worst day is my everyday." Not only is this the reality of a 9-1-1 or emergency dispatcher, but it is also the theme of a project former 9-1-1 dispatcher and public safety advocate Ricardo Martinez dedicates his life to. Ricardo is the father of the #IAM911 movement and helps dispatchers tell their stories through his podcast, "Within the Trenches." Ricardo is using his podcast to help dispatchers heal from trauma and also educates the public about the reality of 9-1-1.

We are honored and excited to kick off National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week chatting with Ricardo about his podcast, the #IAM911 movement, as well as the effort to reclassify public safety dispatchers into a "protective" occupation called the #911SAVES act.

Within The Trenches: https://www.withinthetrenches.net/

APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials): http://www.apco.org/

9-1-1 SAVES Act: https://www.apcointl.org/government-relations/take-action/

NENA (National Emergency Number Association): https://www.nena.org/

IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch): https://www.emergencydispatch.org/

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