Your Oxygen Mask First is focused on helping those in the "helping professions" (public safety/first responders, medical, military, etc.) find resources to not only survive the work they do, but also help them live their best lives possible at the same time.

Before an airplane takes off, the flight attendants give their speech on oxygen masks, right?  The message is, every time you get on that plane, before it ever leaves the ground: put your own oxygen mask on before you help others with theirs.  That resonates so profoundly, if you are a “helper”, you CAN’T help anyone unless you help yourself first.  

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Your Oxygen Mask First podcast delves into the depths of mental health, physical health and fitness, wellness, professional development, and improving relationships for public safety professional or anyone who cares for others in a high-stress environment. Helping the Helpers!


September is National Suicide Awareness Month and some of our biggest helpers are hurting.  More than 20 Veterans take their own life EVERY DAY.  According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans are TWICE as likely as civilians to die at their own hands.  Why is this?  And more important, what is being done to STOP it?

During the month of September, the Your Oxygen Mask First Podcast is HONORED to be showcasing some of the men and women who are fighting to keep our Veterans alive and able to thrive.  We will be sharing their stories of struggle and heartbreak; but also, their stories of healing and resilience.