Episode 19: Shad Meshad: Pioneering PSTD Research in Veterans

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Shad Meshad

Shad Meshad

Shad Meshad is a voice that encourages empathy for Veterans because he witnessed so much in Vietnam, as well as the shock of coming home to (at times) a hostile and dangerous homecoming from Americans.

Not only is Shad a soldier; he is also a mental health clinician and expert in PTSD. In this episode, we get to hear Shad's insight and stories of wartime; as well as what things Veterans need to survive and thrive after coming home.

National Veterans Foundation: https://nvf.org/
Blog on the Huffington Post: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/shad-meshad
CALL Life Line for Vets: 888.777.4443
Book: Captain for dark mornings: A true story: amzn.to/2x92vH2

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