Episode 18: The Reality of Being a Veteran: Joe's Story with Julie & Joe Hudak

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Julie & Joe Hudak

Julie & Joe Hudak

Military Veterans face a whole new reality and set of challenges when they transition to civilian life. Imagine being a young adult who is just starting out in life being thrown into a life that is full of trauma, death, structure, and brother/sisterhood only to come home and be paralyzed by simple tasks like making decisions at the grocery store? How do you integrate back into a world that has not seen the horrors you have seen or understand what you have gone through? Today, Joe shares his raw story of how he was able to claw his way out of the darkness to living a life of compassion and how is he now educating others by sharing his own experience. And his wife Julie graciously shares what reality is like for their family supporting Joe through his challenges...and his mission.

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