Episode 29: Fitness, Health, and Wellness with Officer Ashley Smith

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Officer Ashley Smith

Officer Ashley Smith

New Year, New You? If you are ready to set some health and wellness goals, listen up! In this episode, we are super excited to chat with the one and only Officer Ashley Smith! Not only is she a badass female police officer, but she is also a health and fitness dynamo and works every day to help others...whether it's on the beat or in everyday life fitness.

We also talk about the stigma surrounding being a social media queen as well as the challenges she has endured working her way up through a male-dominated profession. You will love hearing her authentic and direct words of wisdom...and she is pretty hilarious too.

Website: https://www.officerashleysmith.com/
SteelFit USA: https://steelfitusa.com/ref/officerashley/
Facebook: @officerashleysmith
Instagram: @officerashleysmith
Twitter: @OfcAshleySmith
Snapchat: @ofcashleysmith


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