Episode 16: Veteran Crisis Outreach Initiative with William Felty and Sara Correll

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In our first episode of The Power of the Story: Conversations Around Veteran Suicide, we sit down with William Felty and Sara Correll. Both William and Sara are integral members of the San Diego Veteran community and are working tirelessly to reach out to those Veterans and families that may be struggling. Learn why the current state of mental health help for Veterans is frustrating William and fueling his passion to ensure not another Veteran dies by their own hand.

William Felty email: feltyw@gmail.com
Sara Correll email: sarakcorrell@gmail.com

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William Felty

William Felty

Sara Correll and her Family

Sara Correll and her Family

William Felty

William is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who is working tirelessly to help improve conditions for our Veterans and Youth, as well as spearheading a Veterans Crisis Outreach Initiative in San Diego.  He is out in his local community every day, interacting with Veterans in hopes to identify a Vet or family who may be heading for crisis before it is too late.  William is also very active in the military community and serves on five different Veteran Leadership groups.


Sara Correll

Sara is a civilian who is a wife and mom who has been personally touched by suicide.  She has been working with William forming a Veteran Crisis Outreach Initiative in San Diego and is dedicating her time to end Veteran suicide by helping Veterans get their stories out...and is the AMAZING woman that thought of and helped create the “Conversations” series!