Sara Correll

I am a wife and a mother of 4 boys. In 2003, I lost a family member to suicide and in time, I wanted to help others in crisis before it was too late.

My Mission

After going back to school for counseling, and meeting a Green Beret Special Forces Operator/Delta Force Medic veteran, I learned that many veterans are suffering once they separate from the military, and are dying by suicide at an alarming rate. We lose 20-22 veterans a day to suicide. I am passionate about helping veterans know they can have purpose and meaning again in their lives after transition. Through hearing other veterans tell their stories, education and resources, veterans experiencing trauma will understand that their reactions are common and 'normal" due to the abnormal conditions they have experienced. Veterans can also understand that isolation is the enemy, and connecting with others is the way to new opportunities, finding the healing modalities that are a good fit, and finding hope on their journey to finding freedom from trauma.

Through the power of other veterans sharing their stories, they will see they are not alone. There is hope!