Institute for Responder Wellness

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The Institute for Responder Wellness is a resource that provides mental and physical health solutions to first responders, their families, retirees, and providers. We offer training and education to first responders nationwide. We have created and partnered with health programs that provide more in-depth assessments of mental and physical well-being for first responders that will enable them to perform their duties to the best of their ability on the job and at home. It is statistically proven and documented that the stress and trauma experienced on the job affect family members. It is essential to make sure that first responders receive the proper level of care as well. We have a network of providers and medical professionals that we bring to a vast network of first responders and mental health and substance abuse facilities nationwide. Our network of healthcare professionals are experienced in assessing and addressing medical issues, both psychological and physical in the first responder profession. We are establishing the most extensive database of first responder wellness information in the nation. We can come to your company, agency, or union, and work with your team.

Veterans Crisis Outreach Initiative


We envision a military and veteran community that is safer, healthier, and more connected here in San Diego.

To prevent and reduce behavioral health related incidents and concerns in our community by being there with our military service members, veterans, and their family members. To be there, we utilize in person holistic strategies such as active listening, resource and service linkage, advocacy and collaboration, and motivation techniques.